Aisling Hurley MSc.

Aisling Hurley MSc.

Director of The Business Fairy

The Business Fairy was founded by Aisling Hurley (of in 2012 following a growing need from businesses, for practical information, tactics, and advice to enable them to grow their business with digital marketing technologies, in a strategic manner. This has grown to a client base that includes corporate, small business, government agencies, adult education centres and universities. Our digital marketing workshops have become increasingly popular and this had led to us providing our materials for use by other teachers under licence. This includes up to date digital marketing training materials, speaker’s notes and lesson plans for teachers.

Our mission is to turn your business into an online Brand using Digital Marketing techniques and our strong offline business network.


Aisling is a serial entrepreneur and has many years experience in industry.  She has guest lectured for the DCU Ryan Academy, works with various national and international government bodies including Enterprise Boards and is an ambassador for the Going for Growth women entrepreneurs programme.  She has a proven track record in lean business practices, business improvement, fast growth rate and business turn around.

Aisling Hurleys bio:-

At Teamwoodcraft Aisling Hurley is the Marketing Director and over the past few years, as MD previously, has been responsible for Business Development, new product R and D, Creative Direction, Public Relations and Strategy. Her background is in IT (Software Localisation Engineering) where she provided freelancing consultancy and training to ESB, Coillte, AIT, FAS/SOLAS, and many more SME’s. She has grown Teamwoodcraft through their vast experience of building a loyal customer base for their customised joinery/furniture products.  She has been featured in all the broadsheets, interior magazines, Enterprise Review magazine, Construction Industry Federation magazine, several business radio broadcasts and t.v. Aisling is a mentor on the South Eastern Creative Corridor – the programme is responsible for the growth of a vibrant and growing creative Film, Audio Visual industry cluster in the region.

Click here to find a full list of Business Awards.


The Ray Darcy Show, 2017, RTE, Guest – The ‘Aisling’ Show.

Handsome Devil 2017, film extra – Treasure Entertainment.

Comic Con 2017, Dublin, speaker.

Enterprise Week 2017, Dublin LEO speaker.

RTE Television, Not Enough Hours programme about Aisling Hurley.

International Womens Day, 2011 speaker.

Small Firms Association National Conference, 2010 speaker.

Midlands103, Business commentator.

Newstalk Radio, The Right Hook, commentator.

Newstalk Radio, Down to Business, interviewee.

Newstalk Radio, Down to Business Newspaper Reviewer.

KCLR FM Radio, guest and Newspaper Reviewer Sue Nunn Show.

Midlands103 Radio, Newspaper Reviewer on the WIll Faulkner show.

Invited Memberships:-
Going for Growth – Continuing the Momentum – 2011

International Association of Women Entrepreneurs 2008 to present
BAWE 2008 to present
Going for Growth Round Table – 2008 to present

Strategy, Educational Business Development Programme Development, Digital Marketing Research & Strategy, White Hat Search Engine Optimisation Strategy (SEO), Blogging for SEO (writer for Tourism bodies, music festivals, businesses, technical writer – write on social and specialised subject matter – all blogs come search engine optimised if for online distribution). Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Brand Development, Growing online Communities, Business Mentoring, Blogging Strategy, Social Media Training, SEO Training, Customised Training programmes for Corporates, Social Influence Research, Competitive Analysis Research, Keyword Strategy and Research, Content Marketing Strategy,  Linking Strategy, Website Audits, Social Media Audits, SEO Audits.

Niamh Quinn HND Graphical, Digital Design and Web Design

Niamh Quinn HND Graphical, Digital Design and Web Design

Director of The Business Fairy

A native of Tipperary, Niamh has over 18 years experience working in the design, industry. Having studied Graphical, Digital and Web design in Edinburgh, Niamh has the skills and knowledge in making sure every project is a success.  Niamh has worked with many different clients from  British Airways, Festivals, County Councils,  Tourist Information Organisations, Restaurants, Production Companies, Printers and many more.

Niamh’s speciality is creating impact and bringing ideas to life. It’s more than having solid design skills, you need to think differently in order to compete. Effective visual communication is not just talking it’s also about listening to cut through and get noticed. Niamh possesses a get it done attitude while not compromising on quality means that she will always maximise the impact of any marketing material. 

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The Business Fairy Ltd.


Co. Laois,


Tel: 085-856 4627


The Business Fairy Ltd.


Co. Laois, Ireland

Tel: 085-856 4627



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